WhiteVision and 4PS Construct

WhiteVision and 4PS Construct

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Since its start in 2005, WhiteVision has developed into a reliable partner for 4PS Construct. The solution with 4PS Construct is rich in functionalities and currently offers both Dutch and Belgian customers ways to build their process for incoming documents efficiently. Our team, which consists of more than 30 employees, is determined to also acquire this position in the United Kingdom.

Process purchase invoices and other documents super fast in 4PS Construct

Do you want to process and book incoming documents in an efficient, easy way in 4PS Construct? WhiteVision offers a solution. With our solution for 4PS Construct, you process every purchase invoice, service notification, order confirmation, order form, or delivery note quickly and easily. This way, you have the space to focus on challenging tasks with which you add more value to your organisation.

Years of experience in the construction industry

We have been the leading party in the construction industry for over 15 years. Our joined forces with 4PS Construct has led to a strong partnership. As a customer, you benefit from an advanced connection with 4PS Construct, in-depth knowledge of the branch, and a clear understanding of our ambitions.

Documenten supersnel verwerken in 4PS Construct
Behaal jouw doelen met WhiteVision en 4PS Construct

Flawless, quick, and smart

Do you ever lose invoices? Do you have a lack of overview of who ordered what and are your cabinets overflowing with files? That will be all in the past when you choose WhiteVision. With our digital document recognition and processing software, you can work less manually, reduce mistakes, optimise the quality of the process, and enjoy a better working environment.

Reach your goals with WhiteVision and 4PS Construct

At WhiteVision, we’re all about happy customers. We help you with the realisation of your goals. We do this in an efficient, respectful, and reliable way. We offer an easy-to-implement solution that saves you time and money in combination with 4PS Construct. In addtion, we invest in support and tell you in the quotation phase what you can exactly expect from us. WhiteVision has over 1300 customers in multiple countries and has built a lot of knowledge of 4PS Construct – next we’d like to commit to your organisation.

From reading
to paying:
the 4 steps
of WhiteVision

Incoming invoices are processed in 4 steps:

4 stappen van whitevision
Functionaliteiten van WhiteVision voor 4PS Construct

The functionalities of WhiteVision for 4PS Construct

WhiteVision moves further where other solutions fall short. With our unique SMART OCR software, you eliminate your repetitive, monotonous tasks so you have more time for more enjoyable tasks that add value for your organisation. Does this speak to you? Go for the best OCR software and don’t settle for less!

You can also process XML invoices with WhiteVision

With our smart software, you process every invoice quickly with even greater accuracy. E-invoices also fall under this. It doesn’t matter what type of formet the document you get  is. We ensure correct interpretation and processing so that all of your invoices are available in one environment.

XML facturen verwerk je ook met WhiteVision

Even more efficiency?

SMART email handler

SMART E-mail handler of WhiteVision

With the growing use of of e-mail and PDF, paper invoices are becoming a thing of the past. But with this, another challenge arises, namely the constant stream of emails in your inbox. As a financial administrative employee, it costs a lot of time to edit the messages in your mailbox before they can be automatically read. The SMART E-mail handler of WhiteVision does this all automatically. It splits, combines, and moves appendixes and digital invoices automatically. This way you quickly save 75% of your time! This means that you have more hours for other important tasks.

Service orders

Service module of 4PS Construct with WhiteVision

Do you also use the Service module of 4PS Construct? With the solutions of WhiteVision WhiteVision, you no longer have to type over incoming requests! Entire incoming requests will be processed automatically. Upon your review of the requests in 4PS Construct, you can immediately start the tasks.


Purchase order confirmation with WhiteVision you are always up-to-date.

When you send an order directly from 4PS Construct, you quickly want to know when it can be delivered and for what price. With WhiteVision for 4PS Construct, you can also process and automatically read the purchase order confirmation. If there is a deviation, you can see it at a glance and take action if needed. This solution is also fully integrated with 4PS Construct and offers you the chance to work even more efficiently.

Over 1.300 organisations work with WhiteVision

Mobix part of CFE

“Saving time and optimising the internal process: without WhiteVision, working would be very difficult now.”

- Wouter Denckens


“WhiteVision is an absolute recommendation. With the solution, you save time and work more efficiently. On top of that, working with the WhiteVision-team is very nice!”

- Mirjam de Kroon

Dura Vermeer

“With WhiteVision we work more efficiently and prevent a lot of human errors. I would definitely recommend the solution to other companies!”

- Armand Prahladsingh


“Saving time, efficiency and process optimalization: we gained a lot thanks to WhiteVision.”

- Bouwe Mul


“Based on my experience I would definitely recommend WhiteVison to other companies. The system just works great!”

- Wilfred Stinissen

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